Daily Archives: June 29, 2011

a bit scary experience


Scared myself big time yesterday for almost blacking out while inside the Metro Rail Transit (MRT). I had a bad case of stomach cramps then felt nauseous. My vision became blurry. I was thinking of telling the ladies near me that I was about to faint but I felt I could not trust anybody at that moment, especially because I had pinkpad with me. Haha! The thought of losing consciousness in the company of strangers was not comforting.

Good thing I had a piece of chocolate in my bag. I had fainted a number of times when I was pregnant so somehow the feeling was not new to me. Still, it was a bizarre scary experience. I took a quick bite of the chocolate and prayed so heartily that I will not lost consciousness. I did not black out totally but was fast losing it so I decided to call my hubby on the phone. I felt I was being pulled out of consciousness but I tried hard to reach out to hubby. I was also thinking of the best way to deal with my predicament. Good thing the MRT stopped at Shaw Station. It must have been adrenaline rush because I somehow got off the train even though I could barely see where i’m going. I went to find the guard. He let me sit on the steps of his station and gave me an empty bottle of white flower. Somehow, its smell prevented me from totally fainting. It was empty he said because someone fainted earlier that day. I tried to compose myself for about 15 minutes before braving the MRT again, comforted by the thought that hubby will be waiting for me in Ayala.

Fainting or syncope is a sudden loss of consciousness from lack of blood flow to the brain. I guess my vagus nerve, which connects the digestive system to the brain, got a little too excited and pulled too much blood from my brain. Consequently, my blood pressure went down and I felt faint.

Signs and symptoms of fainting include feeling lightheaded, confusion, nausea, tunnel or blurred vision, sweating, flushed or pale color, feeling hot and trembling or shaking. I must have looked weird because even before I asked for help, the guard was assisting me and trying to keep me cool. In my case, the cause of my fainting I think was my stomach cramps. I also felt a bit of chest pain.

I guess the best thing that I could have done was to just lie down in the MRT and let the fainting spell pass. But I did not feel comfortable doing that. It’s also a blessing that I did not completely black out. I really hope it won’t happen again.