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Save the Philippine Seas!


ipad thoughts from an average juan (juanita?)


I’m loving my ipad and i am not predisposed to share it even with hubby and baby. In the first place, i bought it because i never got to use my itouch exclusively. Our toddler claimed it for his own. I fondly call my ipad pinkpad because the smart cover and its alternate cover are both pink. Genius!

I use my pinkpad for social networking (aka facebook and twitter), surfing the net, blogging, reading books and magazines, writing notes and random thoughts, organizing my workdays and personal schedule, recording meetings, listing my to-do list, shopping list, menu for the week and drafting an attempt to write a novel. It has become my new best friend. I would love it more if i can watch or rent movies via the Philippine app store. Reminds me to ask hubby regarding that.

I’m not a techy, my hubby is, so i don’t know anything about the technical specifications of the ipad. He is also more in the know when it comes to best apps, updates, etc. That’s why on the rare occasions that he gets hold of pinkpad, he sneaks in an app or two. But since he is currently using an itouch, he is more familiar with those apps.

I’m not an expert, i don’t pretend to be and i don’t have plans of being one but i wanted to maximize the use of my pinkpad. I also did not want to waste money trying each and every app there is before i get the right one. Sometimes customer ratings and feedbacks are not reliable. At one point, i wanted to buy magazines which promise the “keys to maximizing your ipad”, etc.

Since i like writing and taking down notes a lot, one of my first purchases was bento. I was intrigued by it but found it a bit complicated. I want things straight and simple. I should just have downloaded awesome notes for ipad. I used anote on my itouch to make our grocery lists, write random thoughts and ideas, and draft a taglish romance novel. Bento was a bit expensive mistake at US$4.99 (and its tutorial cost $3.99) and so to be more app-wise, i began searching for app advice.

What helped me turn my ipad into my ultimate companion is appstart by app advice It was free when i installed it. It claimed to be an app starter kit with all the essential apps one will ever need. Some items in their list are not downloadable via ph app store but i did get nice apps advice.

appstart does take a fresh and fun approach in teaching average users like me on the best apps there is and how to turn the ipad into a ‘magical’ gadget. They also provide ipad 101, six basic tips on how to use the ipad and other practical tips on surfing the net, facetime, etc. They have a top ten list of apps for moms, dads, children, and it goes on and on.

Among their list on magazine rack, i downloaded Flipboard and Zinio. I enjoy reading magazines on Zinio and instead of going to friendly for Facebook to update myself of my friends’ activities, i use Flipboard. Zinio offers a wide variety of digital versions of magazines. I now subscribe to O! The Oprah Magazine and i have asked customer service to give me free subscription to Good Housekeeping. They promised to give me the link today.

Of course, since i wanted to use my ipad for writing, i downloaded apple’s pages. I also downloaded numbers. I’m still trying to find my way around these apps. Luckily, i found video tutorials via safari books online, which i have free access to care of our company University. Will try to watch the videos later today. Safari books online offer more than 13,500 ebooks and they also have an app for ipad. They offer ipad ‘manuals’ such as “Taking your ipad2 to the max” which i found boring compared to appstart.

Yesterday, hubby and i enjoyed playing scrabble on ipad (nerds!), using our itouch as tile racks. Hubby just loves it when he beats me. Other noteworthy game room games are touch hockey and pinball HD.

Slowly but surely, my pinkpad is helping me become more organized and less forgetful. Important to do’s are listed in notes and meeting and deadlines are in my calendar. It has got me writing more frequently via wordpress. I also prefer to stay at home rather than go out since i feel i’ve got everything i need here – hubby, baby, and my pinkpad (plus wi-fi)!

“When you get, give. When you learn, teach” – Maya Angelou



gratitude for life’s little surprises


Count your blessings

My Friday ends on a high note with an unexpected reward for hard work! Life is full of surprises indeed.


I got disheartened for not winning the P356m grand lotto of PCSO. Some very lucky individual did. But as they say, there are more than enough blessings to go around and i did receive my share during the week to add sparkle to my charmed life.

Be thankful for the little things

To start off, hubby is finally home last sunday after being away for two weeks and of course, as a bonus, i got some pretty nice pasalubong. This alone started the week right.

Working from home on Mondays means respite from the hassles of the long commute to work, at least for a day, and extra time to bond with my son. Then there’s Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean sequel, who made me laugh hard during a reunion-date-night with hubby. I had a good time watching the movie. Don’t take my word for it though as i am easily pleased and not a good critic.

Best things in life are free

Resumed running with hubby on Tuesday and it was a euphoric sweat indeed. I logged in 3.69 km, not counting additional distance i walked with hubby. Not much but i’ll get there. I guess the free pancit for merienda from someone leaving our company gave me that much needed energy to get going!

Dreams do come true

Surprise! Surprise! The boss sends me link to the test site and my picture’s on the home page. It’s a far cry from being a model but not everyone gets to be part of a public website, re-launching soon!

Kindness of strangers

Had to work overtime a bit during the week but a colleague went out of her way to show me an alternate commute route, which was so nice of her! Now, i have an option when going home late or meeting hubby.

Everyday’s simple pleasures

Other things to be thankful for during the week include coming home to meals prepared by our house help, eating healthy lunch i prepared myself (thus, saving a bit of money) and having had some free time (despite month end close) to bond with my baby and write in my blog.

There’s something liberating in focusing on the good things life has to offer. Blessings are in abundance, one just need to learn how to count and measure… and maybe, hope for more.

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” – Brian Tracy

the hazards of me cooking


I am nursing a wounded thumb. Somehow i cut my finger instead of the meat i was slicing yesterday. Now it is swollen and hurts when i move it. Ouch! It seems cooking is hazardous to my health, as it always has been.

I remember in my early teens, i was cooking sweetened saba when i accidentally dropped the spatula. It landed on my right leg, red hot sugar sticking to my skin. I didn’t know first aid and no adult was in the house. I tried to counter the pain with running water but the damage was done and i was scarred. Up to this day, i sport that half-an-inch scar on my leg. No sebo de macho or contractubex was able to erase it although it has faded a bit with time.

Through the years, i got more burns and wounds from cooking. Some scars have faded, leaving no trace. Others, it seems are here to stay.

And since i cook more regularly now, i expect to have more mishaps every now and then. I guess that’s just the way it is with clumsy me. Sometimes, the hazards of cooking is worth the delicious meal. Other times, i feel like i should not have even tried, especially when my food-loving hubby suddenly and unexpectedly “goes on a diet.” =D