my current mantra


Hello blog, its been a while!

I’ve been using a lot of brainpower the past month that I didn’t have enough brain energy left to write. But now i’m back to my musings and self-reflection ( at least, the part I am comfortable sharing).

It’s been more than a month since I commenced my new (old) job and i’m amazed at my new-found discipline of waking up early and being at work before 8 am, sometimes as early as 6:30 am. It is a successful collaboration with my husband who goes out of his way (literally and figuratively) to bring me to the office on most days of the week. I just don’t know how long it will last though as the busiest work days are now looming and I am particular on getting enough sleep due to my iron-deficiency anemia.

Being at work early gives me a valid reason to go home early, at least whenever I can. I have an issue with nerves (and worry) so I try not to leave with something crucial hanging over my head. One of my secrets to work peace of mind is to make a quick list of my to-do’s for tomorrow. When i’m satisfied that the list (plus unexpected issues cropping up) will not be overwhelming, I feel free to walk out the door with no laptop in tow. I make exceptions for important occasions such as date with hubby and meet-up with friends and I compensate by praying harder or going to work earlier than usual.

On hindsight, I think the key to longevity in this job is to avoid being burnt out. That’s why I make time for myself and my family. I also try not to be deeply absorbed in the daily challenges of the job. It’s not easy when you’re re-learning and new things pop up non-stop (parang pringles lang). Nonetheless, I try to leave the worries on my desk at the end of each day and not rant about them at home. …Although sometimes they still crop up in my dreams – the power of subconscious mind.

People ask why I’m back in the first place. Well, my job engages and enriches me though admittedly, it also stresses me out on some days. I have a love-hate relationship with my work. But then, who doesn’t?

My current mantra (which I borrowed from Martha Beck’s article in O! November issue) is:

I refuse to burn. I claim the time it takes to make me happy!

Hopefully, this mantra will help me ride it out season-in season-out.

(Note to self: Read this again if ever I’ll find it hard to drag myself to work.)

Choose peace over panic. It’s a skill that would take regular practice to master. In the long run, it is most beneficial (for physical and mental well-being) to find time to chill when things heat up.


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