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daydreaming of the beach on a rainy day


I love the sun, sand and sea and how those elements fuel my imagination.

My fondest memories of summer are those spent in a beach in La Union with relatives. A few grade school summers were spent frolicking under the sun, almost drowning from the huge waves, and running freely barefoot in the sand. I love those carefree times! Sometimes, i wish i were a child again, picking sea shells by the seashore, unmindful of the time or the sun burning my already bronze skin, and dreaming, dreaming of the good things to come.

The beach is still my dream destination. I can’t swim but i love sitting on the sand, reading a good book or hanging out quietly with a loved-one, lulled with serenity by the rhythm of the waves and disposed to quiet reflection. Sunsets are the most amazing thing! Looking at their splendor makes one realize that there really is a powerful God who made things so beautiful and wonderful.

One my dreams is to go on a vacation in a pristine beach with my hubby and son. I imagine how happy my toddler will be! We’ll play in the sand, making sandcastles. We’ll walk by the beach, hand in hand, leaving our footprints in the sand. We’ll waddle in the water and play with the waves. Then at the end of the day, we will watch the sunset together and relish that delicious, glorious moment when the sky becomes ablaze with the color of God’s love… and one feels a weird mixture of intense happiness and pain for being able to share that lovely miracle with the people one loves most.